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There are THREE main parts to our website:

  1. MENU: Links along the top to content (by category) that have additional content that "drops down' when you select a menu item. (green in image)
  2. PAGE: The content (images, text, links, and other usable things) are in the middle, taking up most of the page. (purple in image)
  3. FOOTER Additional MENU content and links (like social media, contacts, maps, and other less-often used content) (blue in image)

Additionally, clicking our logo (brown section, above) in the top left of every page will return you to the 'Home' page (re-start at the beginning) (gold in image)



In the menu is 'Community Resources' which contains many of the things you need, whether online or at out church, such as:

As our services expand, more items will simply show up. Menus may change, as may which menus contain specific content, but the USE is the same.



You can join our weekly services or daily prayers from the safety and comfort of you home by clicking here.

Easy instructions are here for starting and using this great feature (as well as how it fits in to our overall online strategy).

Of course, what you see (and can access) depends upon the device you use, if you are signed in (so your preferences and settings can be saved), and your internet connection



Additional resources will be added as you ask for them and we can make them available



Signing up for (and using) a free member account gives you many valuable benefits, including:

  • secure access to your account information
  • additional Member-only content (like live chat, discussion/study groups, and saving your own bookmarks/notes
  • simple help and support, whether technical, usability, or personal issues

Don't worry, we safely and securely store only the minimal key information, encrypt for solid security, and never share information outside.

You can learn more or sign up here.

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